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The Moody Blues

Born in Germany, inspired by the blues: How the Moody Blues changed the world of rock.

One number one record, 8 top ten albums, 3 top ten singles and forty years on the road. The numbers have them as one of the greatest bands to come out of the UK, but they only tell half the story. Here’s how the Moody Blues burst out of the Midlands to bring prog rock to the world.

In the 1950s Britain was a country on the up. Post war austerity was fading and rock and roll was on the way. In Birmingham, a new generation of up and coming musicians were making their voices heard.

Ray Thomas would find himself at the heart of this scene. His first steps came when he joined a band called Saints and Sinners run by a school friend Mike Brassington. Back then he was a base player. The days when the flute would rock the world were still some way off. He took his place on stage strumming a one stringed instrument named affectionately, ‘the coffin’.

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